About Corridor

Founded by public affairs expert John Pappas, Corridor delivers a proven, integrated approach to drive client agendas forward in Washington D.C. and in state capitals. John’s unique understanding of the federal and state political process combined with decades of experience as a lobbyist, communicator, and grassroots organizer translates into comprehensive, multi-faceted campaigns that don’t just achieve results but make a statement.

Corridor understands that the right government policies are critical to the success of companies, trade associations, and non-profits.  Our mission is to advance policy solutions that align with your business goals.

What Corridor Delivers

There is no set formula to achieve your legislative objective. Corridor will design and implement a public affairs strategy that is efficient, actionable and results-oriented.

Strategic Planning

A comprehensive, well-thought-out strategy with targets, metrics and timing is fundamental to success. Developing a strategy tailored to your unique needs is Corridor’s first priority.

Coalition Building

Whether you know it or not, your issues have broad support. Corridor will identify and cultivate allies who will stand with you and raise their own voice to advocate for your priorities.


What you say and how you say it matters. What you present must have meaning. Corridor will craft messages that resonate and influence your target audience.

Campaign Management

Corridor knows how the pieces fit together. With a keen understanding of when and how lobbying, communications and grassroots tactics should be deployed, Corridor will manage your campaign to ensure that today’s wins translate to long-term success.

Direct Advocacy

Shoe leather lobbying is the cornerstone to advancing policy. Corridor will walk the halls of Congress and state capitals on your behalf, and introduce you directly to the policymakers most vital to your issue.

Executive Counsel

Testifying before Congress? Presenting to your Board of Directors? Preparing for a tough media interview? Corridor will give your executive team the tools and confidence necessary to effectively convey the right message and the best impression.

Corridor not only digs into the minutia of policy proposals but also gives them context so your priorities earn the support of the
public and lawmakers.

Inside Corridor

John Pappas has more than two decades of government relations, public affairs, and strategic communications experience. His diverse professional background allows him to understand the policy-making process from every angle.

  • Served as a communications director and policy aide on Capitol Hill.
  • Built and managed integrated campaigns for a wide array of industries as client leader at a top D.C. public affairs firm.
  • Established the Poker Players Alliance as a nationally recognized lobbying and grassroots organization while serving as its executive director for more than a decade.
  • Changed public and political perceptions about internet gaming and produced bi-partisan legislative champions in D.C. and state capitals.

Now, through Corridor Consulting, Pappas is helping others achieve their public policy goals.

When he is not helping his clients succeed, Pappas enjoys playing golf and cooking for friends and family. He lives in Washington’s H Street Corridor with his wife, Emily, and their two children.


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